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    AFL Margin Bets
    Types of bets on Australian football.
    The bookmakers’ painting is very poor for Australian football. Most offices offer only such types of bets:
    The winner of the match is the classic bets on P1 and P2. Total of the match – bets on the number of points scored. The main total varies between 150-170 points. Handicap – bets on the victory of one of the teams, taking into account a certain advantage. The winner of the Grand Final is a long-term bet on the champion of the Australian Football League.
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    A draw in Australian football is possible, but it is very rare, so bookmakers do not accept bets on a draw.
    How to bet on Australian football correctly?
    Let’s highlight the nuances that you should pay attention to before betting on Australian football in bookmakers.
    Match analysis.
    Pre-match analysis is not much different from other team sports with a ball. It is necessary to study the form of the teams, face-to-face meetings, the list of injured and disqualified, the weather, the standings, performances away and away, motivation.
    If we talk about the features of the analysis, then we should highlight the importance of teamwork, spare and “followers”. Each team has 18 players, so the level of individual performers fades into the background, teamwork is more important. At the same time, it is impossible not to note the importance of the so–called followers – the position on the field.
    Also, a lot depends on the reservists. There are only four people on the bench, but their exit can significantly change the pattern of the game, given that Australian football is an energy-consuming sport.

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